Friday, October 22, 2010

Pottery Barn Knock Off: Chalk Rocks

Hello New Pottery Barn Catalog!! How nice to see you... Hmm, what do we have here?

Wait, let's take a closer look...

{Pottery Barn}

That looks easy enough to replicate. And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't have chalkboard paint in the house. I just need to find some nice smooth river rocks.

Fast Forward to (*cough*) WalMart (my least favorite place on Earth). What do I spy when Busy Bee heads over to the fish aquariums:

BINGO!! And they cost under $3 for 6 of them.

Went home and painted them up while we waited for some water to boil.

Once they were dry, we seasoned them by rubbing chalk on them. This is a VITAL step or else the first thing that you write on them will forever be "ghosted" on the item. Ask me how I know. It has nothing to do with a small piece of furniture in my garage that needs to be repainted. :(

Then write your cute spooky sayings or scary faces!

Hurry before your Busy Bee snags them and does this:

No that wasn't planned! :) So sweet.

P.S. I think that they make super cute placecards too:

And I spent a whopping $3 for 6 of them instead of $4 each for the Pottery Barn version.

Bee Happy,
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  1. Cute idea! Stupid question - so you just color all over them in chalk, wipe it off and then write your saying? So you can wipe it off again and reuse them later with different words?